Triad 750 SF2

003 2015 Triad Shock Fork 2 copy

Triad 750 SF2

Its the lightest weight Triad 750 with a heavy duty front suspension. Your Triad 750 SF2 comes standard with a front canvas basket at no charge for your convenience.
  • American designed and built to the highest quality
  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • A “TRUE” 750W motor with 4X more power than any other scooter – for years of reliability
  • Heavy Duty Suspension
  • 10X longer battery lifespan
  • Built-in spare battery charging inputs
  • Redundant on-board surge protection
  • All 48V electrical components
  • Weather resistant wiring disign
  • The safest brakes available that stop on inclines, unlike competitor units that roll back up hills.
  • Highest quality tires that last over 5X longer
  • The largest headlight/taillight and brake light
  • Multiple seat options
  • Upgraded more durable folding handlebar and locking mechanism for your safety
  • Highest quality ignition with all metal keys,
  • The lowest cost of maintenance in its class
  • Upgraded rear wheels
  • Stainless steel and aluminum hardware to prevent rust and corrosion,
  • Lightest weight vehicles available for easy transport, 67 lbs total.
  • The highest weight capacity available at 350 lbs.
  • 27″ Wide, 38″ Long and 30″H with Neck Folded

004 2015 Triad Shock Fork

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