Our Triad 750s Have Arrived!


Lake Erie Scooters, LLC’s shipment of Triad 750s arrived today and we can barely contain our excitement.  We have been eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Now we can get to work introducing the residents of New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania to the ultimate three-wheeled scooter on the market.

We call them scooters, but don’t get them confused with the “‘old folks’ wagon” as Jean, our first customer, refers to the scooters you see in operation at grocery and big retail stores.  These Triad 750s are modern, top-quality, powerful, safe, stable and comfortable units that are easy to operate and load into a vehicle to take shopping, visit a museum or enjoy your favorite bike trail.

Although they just arrived, the 750s are anxious to find new homes where they can be of service to an urban commuter or a mobility challenged individual.   Please contact Debbie or Mike to get more information or to schedule a demo of America’s best personal electric vehicle.